Living the actor lifestyle in New York City means free time isn't a given. Even the smallest bits of open schedule quickly fill with auditions, rehearsals, exercise, and events. The constant hustle puts relaxation at a premium, so when I can, I pluck away at my guitar and allow the stress to simply fade away. I consider myself all the luckier if I can do it with a big piece of dessert!

I'm a southern boy at heart, and growing up in Houston, Texas taught me to appreciate comfort, simplicity, and charm. If my days get particularly chaotic, I remind myself of my grandfather's favorite mantra: Don't sweat the small stuff. Many of us focus so much on tiny, negative details that we lose sight of how to make the big picture more positive. By keeping my goals in focus, I'm able to smile, be polite, and celebrate the joy in the life I'm living.

Keep a lookout for me in the upcoming pilot for the new Hulu exclusive Difficult People. This half-hour comedy stars Billy Eichner (Parks and Rec, Billy on the Street) and Julie Klausner (actress and writer of so many hilarious things you should probably just check out her IMDB profile...) and is brought to you by executive producer Amy Poehler!

Then let's go get a piece of chocolate cake and relax.